Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ChatterPix Kids

ChatterPix Kids is a free app that has many uses for elementary students.  It is very easy to use, which makes it ideal for even the youngest students. 

To get started, students will need to take a picture of an object or use a picture from their camera roll.  Students then need to draw a mouth on the picture, which will talk.  The final step is for the students to record themselves telling about their picture.  There is a 30 second limit for recording, which helps students stay on topic and share only the important information. 

There are other features, as well, depending on your project.  Students are able to use filters for the photos, add stickers, and add text to their picture. 

The videos students create can be exported to their camera roll.  From there, the videos can be emailed, added to Seesaw, or uploaded to a shared Google Drive folder. 

Here are some ideas for how you could use ChatterPix Kids in your classroom. 
  • Take a picture of a book and share elements from the story
  • Take a picture of a character and tell about a problem from that character’s point of view
  • Share a book report
  • Make a how-to video
  • Explain shape attributes in math
  • Share facts about a Science or Social Studies topic
  • Use as a check for understanding in any subject
It’s amazing what you can learn from your students by listening to their videos.  I gain so much understanding about where my students are at and how I can better help them when I can hear their reasoning as they explain their thinking.  

Below are a few examples of South Side students using Chatterpix Kids.  Hopefully these videos will help you think of ideas for using Chatterpix Kids with your students.

Second grade students shared their understanding of moon phases.

First grade students practiced reading fluency.

Second grade students took a selfie and then shared Internet safety tips.

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