Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Story Book Creator for Kids App

Students in 2nd Grade at Rome City Elementary School were starting a unit of study on fictional writing.  In the past teachers had students used the StoryKit App to make digital stories, but the teachers were not satisfied with the app and asked me for help finding a better option.  This led me to find the free version of the My Story App, My Story Book Creator for Kids App.  This is by-far the easiest to use and most kid-friendly digital storytelling app I've found for grades K-4. 

The app gives students the ability to organize their stories page-by-page.  They can type and/or hand write their sentences.  Their illustrations can either be drawn right in the app or uploaded from their camera roll.  And one of the best features is that students can record themselves reading their stories.  The process is simplified and easy to use.  Finally when students are done creating their stories, they can save the story as an MP4 file, turning it into a video to upload to the web, send in an email, or post to SeeSaw.

It seems like every time I show this app to teachers, they find a way to use it.  4th Grade at Rome City Elementary School are using this app during their unit of study on energy sources.  The students are using the My Story App to create informational videos showcasing what they've learned about their given energy. Then they will present their videos to the rest of the class.

Check out some student examples created using the My Story App in 1st Grade at Avilla Elementary School.  (Think kindly, as these students' stories are still a work in progress):



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